Updater Problems

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Error Codes 1607, 1628 , 0xFA4C , 0xF3B2, VC file

Please, follow these directions CAREFULLY paying extra attention
to be sure you are deleting the updater and the game files.

1. Remove all NF files, first start in Control panel and remove ENFUNS
Updater and any Navyfield installations. Then go to your program files
area and look for SDenternet folders, delete them. Find all previous downloads,
patches, ETC. DELETE them.

2. Download NF. Be sure you do so from Navyfield.com and not from
some outdated mirror.

3. Restart Computer.

4. Reinstall, dont open other programs, make sure installer is on top.

This should then prompt you to download the ENFUNS updater. Click
yes. It will download and install it's self. This should eventually end
with you back at desktop.
Access your firewall, wether that be the built in windows firewall, or
zonealarm or that norton icon in the corner.. you will NEED to allow the
ENFUNS Updater access to the internet.

Next double click Launcher from your desktop, and you will start the
updater, it will update a few files.

Then click play game, and you should be all good.

If you get error 1607, 1628 , 0xFA4C , 0xF3B2 Please Do step 1 then:
A) Download newest version of InstallSheild:

B) Double Click on file (if you do not have the ability to open .zip files,
you will need to download winzip or similar program).

C) Run enclosed file.

This will update your Version of InstallSheild From this point you can
proceed with step 2 above

For the orginal post, please visit

If you get an error related to the VC file (Version Configuration) while
the updater is running, this means your computer is blocking the
updater's access to the internet.
Please be sure that you have allowed access for this program. ENFUNS

Remark: most of the time, just a simple process to fix the prob. Such
as set allow NF updater and NF pass through your firewall or antivirus.
Moreover you can try to check on the LAN setting, is it set to Auto to connect.


Well, someone's problems with NF crashing was solved today after he
made sure that BOTH the nf.exe AND the Updater's .exe (NOT JUST
THE LINK!) were on DEP list of excluded programs.

Remember, this is for people that experience crashes and maybe even
freezes as well as sudden system reboots (when WinDumb is
configured to reboot on critical errors) anytime during the startup process (which
begins when you start the Launcher).

Only applies to WinXP SP2.

Try turning off your DEP. If you are using Win XP sp2 these instructions
should work for you.

A) Go to the Control Panel
B) Double-click on the SYSTEM icon.
C) Click on the ADVANCED tab.
D) Click on the SETTINGS button in the PERFORMANCE section.
F) Check the checkbox in front of Turn on DEP for all programs and
services except those I select
G) Click ADD
H) Navigate to your NF directory and add the NavyFIELD.exe

H2) Also add the Updater's .exe (NOT JUST THE LINK!) to the list!

If none of the above information works for you here is another method
that has worked for many.

1. In your add/remove programs list (control panel, add/remove
programs) remove
a) Navyfield
b) Navyfield *Europe(EN),(DE)
c) ENFUpdater

2. Using windows explorer
d.windows explorer
In your c: drive "program files" directory delete any *eFusion(SD Enternet)
folders (up to 2 folders).

3. If you downloaded the client before retail, or from another source,
re download the client from navyfield.com, And download the Manual

2. run the navyfield launcher but cancel as soon at it starts

3. find ur ENFUNS Updater folder, by default it's under C:\Program
Files\SDEnterNET\ENFUNS Updater

4. go into ...\Downloaded\NAVYFIELDUS and i will see a folder called

5. delete the content of that folder, extract the content of the manual
patch (from step3) into that folder

6. Run the game launcher and enjoy

Thanks to Temstar and ephereal.

1. Manual uninstall
You can manually uninstall the game by removing the files and registry
keys associated with it. Be sure to follow these steps exactly as they appear to
prevent accidental file/program deletion on your system.

To delete the game files (in the default location):
1. Open My Computer.
2. Open the C drive.
3. Open the Program Files folder.
4. Right-click on the SD Enternet folder and choose Delete.
5. Close all open windows.
6. Right-click on the Recycle Bin and choose Empty Recycle Bin.

To edit the registry and remove NavyField and ENFUNS Updater:
***Warning: Modifications to the Windows registry, if not done
correctly, can cause serious problems to a Windows system. Do so
only if you are knowledgable in Windows
1. Click on the Start button.
2. Click on Run.
3. Type regedit in the text field.
4. Click File and then choose Export.
5. Name the file Backup and make sure the Export Range is set to All.*
6. Click Save; you will now be returned to the Registry Editor window.
7. Click the plus sign next to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE.
8. Click the plus sign next to Software.
9. Right-click on the SD Enternet folder and choose Delete.
10. Click the plus sign next to Microsoft.
11. Click the plus sign next to Windows.
12. Click the plus sign next to CurrentVersion.
13. Click the plus sign next to Uninstall.
14. Right-click on the keys named:
and choose Delete.
15. A Confirm Key Delete window will appear, choose Yes.
16. Close the WindowsRegistry Editor.

*Exporting and saving your registry entries is a precautionary step. In
the event that your computer receives errors, just import the saved file.

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